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Services we provide


  • Hair Cut and Design , all hair cuts and design services include :
  • Consultation , scalp massage , hot-towel treatment . (upon request) .
  • Conditioning , cut , style .

services Women (from) Men (from)
Artistic Stylist $40 $26
Artistic Director $45 $30
Artistic master $55 $35
Artistic top $75 $40
  • All other hair services include :
  • Consultation , scalp massage , hot-towel treatment , (upon request) , Conditioning and dry .
  • STYLE:

services price (from)
Hair styling & design $25
Extension $100
Braid $60
Roller Sets & Up do $45

  • Hair treatments & special aromatherapy scalp Massage formulated for all types of hair From $15

  • Our professional team are specializes in Colour Highlights-colour correction and extensions .
services price (from)
Colour for women $45
Colour for men $35
Colour correction $50
Foil Highlights $85
Cap Highlights $70
Partial Highlight $35

services price (from)
extensions $70
Spiral extensions $120
Curl relaxing or Straightening $65
  • Paul Brown straightening (natural technique $70 From for straightening extensions and curls) Artistic Top stylist or Esthetician 10% extra charges are applicable .
  • (visit our website for exact pricing on hair services)


  • European Facial .Your skin illuminate with this treatment that hydrates, stimulates fabrication of collagen and regenerates tissue.
  • It will reduce signs of pre-mature aging while firming and illuminating tired and dull skin.
Grand Classic (from) $75
Classic (from) $45 45 mins

  • Revitalizing Facial . Our luxurious treatment will leave the skin radiant .
  • Smoother while fine lines are softened . A pressure point massage and in-depth penetration of firming active ingredient will improve skin tone while hydrating and restoring elasticity.
Grand Classic (from) $95
Classic (from) $65 60 mins

  • Re balancing Facial . Your skin is gently cleansed . steamed and treated to help refine pores and prevent further break out . We also apply an antibacterial and antimicrobial mask to clam the skin and redness . (Available at some locations)
Grand Classic (from) $85
Classic (from) $55 60 mins

  • Acid Facial peel . This fruit acid and glycolic treatment leaves your skin smooth and looking new . Results are immediate . (Available at some locations)
Each treatment (from) $110 25 mins

  • (Plus a variety of other facials by specialist , available by request at some locations.)

  • Laser Hair Removal permanently reduce unwanted body & facial hair . the laser penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle destroying it while leaving your skin safe and soft . (Available at some locations by request ) From $25
  • Microdermabration Treatment Is a Skin-freshening technique that helps with sun exposure . clogged pores , pigmentation eliminate , blackheads , stretch marks and can reduce the early signs of ageing and minor acne scaring . This technique causing facial skin to appear younger . fresher and healthier . (Available at some locations) Each treatment (from) $125

Natural enlargement & firmer breast treatment(Available at some locations) (from) $25 30 mins

  • Bridal & Prom Packages
  • With group of four receive a free Nail Polish change
  • With group of six receive a free Manicure
  • With group of eight receive a free Up Do.
  • With group of ten receive a free Manicure and Up Do.


Salon Services

Massage Therapy

  • Relaxing Body Massage . A professional massage therapist uses normal pressure to relax mind and body and reduce tension
60 mins (from) $60

  • Back Massage . Concentrates on the back , neck and shoulders to assist the release of deep knots of tension using the deep tissue massage and Swedish techniques.
30 mins (from) $40
45 mins (from) $50

  • Shiatsu. Is body work that has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the historical massage techniques of Japan. Shiatsu literally means “finger pressur”.
  • This can very from physical manipulation of the muscles and joints , to pressure on the meridians and points along those channels. (Available by request)
30 mins (from) $37
60 mins (from) $62

  • Hot Stone Massage . Experience the luxurious relaxation of deep heat aromatic massage using essential oil and polish , smooth lava stone heated to your comfort level . The prefect treatment to loosen tight muscle , relieve stress and ease tension.(Available by request)
30 mins (from) $60
60 mins (from) $110

  • Chair Massage . Imagine a stress free massage-on clothes off-on lotion . This specialized chair massage is for general relaxation of the head , neck , shoulders and back.
15 mins (from) $15
  • (Plus a variety of massage by registered massage therapist up to 20% extra charges are applicable & available at some locations by request.)

  • Body-eye treatments:

  • European Body Wrap . Reduce cellulite and stretch marks . Detoxify and cleanse your skin . skin feels tighter , cleaner and silky soft.(Available by request)
Classic (from) 60 mins $99
Grand Classic (from) $130

  • Back Treatments . For softer , thinner and Smoother skin , exfoliating massage with marine salts . Ideal for dry skin and blackheads.
45 mins (from) $79

  • Eye Treatment . A high collagen treatment in the purest and most concentrated form . This treatment is super moisturizing , refreshing and reduces dark circles and puffiness.
45 mins (from) $45

Gift certificate packages

Pamper day 1:
European facial. paraffin hand treatment With manicure.
1 hour Classic (from) $64
Grand Classic (from) $95

Pamper day 2:
Revitalizing facial . back massage(30 mins.)
1.5 hour Classic (from) $89
Grand Classic (from) $120

Pamper day 3:
European facial . paraffin hand treatment With manicure and pedicure.
1.5 hour Classic (from) $105
Grand Classic (from) $135

Pamper day 4:
European facial. men s sport manicure. chair Massage(15 min). hair wash. cut. style.
2.5 hour Classic (from) $105
Grand Classic (from) $135

Pamper day 5:
European body wrap, hair treatment, wash, cut, style.
2 hour Classic (from) $129
Grand Classic (from) $169

Pamper day 6:
European facial. manicure, pedicure, relaxing body massage(60 min). and lunch.
3.5 hour Classic (from) $147
Grand Classic (from) $177

Pamper day 7:
Revitalizing facial. back massage(30 min), manicure, pedicure and lunch.
3.5 hour Classic (from) $149
Grand Classic (from) $177

Pamper day 8:
European body warp, back massage(30 min), hair wash and style.
2.5 hour Classic (from) $169
Grand Classic (from) $199

Pamper day 9:
European facial, eye treatment, back massage(30 min), eyebrow, shaping, manicure, pedicure with paraffin treatment and lunch.
4 hour Classic (from) $183
Grand Classic (from) $213

Pamper day 10:
Revitalizing facial, relaxing body massage(60 min), full body wax, manicure, pedicure, with paraffin treatment, eye treatment, snack and lunch.
5.5 hour Classic (from) $294
Grand Classic (from) $324

  • Pamper day plus:
  • Monthly special packages available(please ask for details)
  • (package can be customized for your individual satisfaction)

Hair Removal Laser

servisec price (from)
Full body (face, arms, underarms, bikini line, brazilian, belly line) $189
Full face $40
Underarms $25
Brazilian $40
Bellu line $22
Full legs $99
Arms $39
Upper lips $8
Chin $11
Full body(for 6 sessions) $1050
Skin rejuvenation & Glowing $70-100
Microneedling (wrinkles, hyperplgmentation, scars, stretch marks...) $150-250